WordPress Management Package

With the WordPress Management Package from CK Technologies you get

  • Daily Backups
  • Free removal of malicious code (hacked website)
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Includes Maintenance (updates)
  • Amazon SES Email Relaying (unlimited relaying)
  • 1 Hour Response Time For Support Tickets*
  • Cloudflare Support (Optional)


Beginning with the daily backup service, we backup your entire account on our cPanel server both locally and offsite, this is an automatic task so there is nothing you have to do. We offer our customers with a 31 day backup retention period as this greatly helps in case there was a change made and it is necessary to restore a backup from 7+ days ago to revert to before the change was made.

With the ever increasing popularity of WordPress, it not only has attracted new users but also new attackers as having WordPress site hacked is unfortunately common these days. With our WP MGT Package, we monitor your site to ensure it isn’t sending out spam email, or even hijacking users browsers and sending them to an unwanted website. If during our monitoring intervals notice an issue we will immediately contact the customer to update on the severity of the hack as certain cases a website may need to be taken offline to not only ensure the safety of your visitors but the safety of your data. While we try to avoid taking a site offline as much as we possibly can, a lot of our cleanup work can be done while the site is online and a typical cleanup event only takes roughly 2-4 hours. The best part of this package is that this service is included in with the monthly cost potentially saving you hundreds of dollars!

Maintenance is performed on a regular schedule every month as we make sure all updates are applied as needed and ensure that any update does not cause any issues with your WordPress site. If we come across an issue we will revert to the most recent backup and we’ll note the update that caused the problem and work to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Many WordPress sites are much more than just blogs, they can be a full fledged e-commerce site that may need to send out lots of legitimate email and one problem many people run into with Shared Hosting is that the email being sent out is being rejected due to the IP address of the server has been flagged for sending spam. While we both monitor our servers/IP addresses ensuring our IPs are never on any Blacklist, sometimes other unforeseen issues arise and email may be rejected or fail to be sent due to network issues, so with our WP MGT Package we offer Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) for customers to relay e-mail through as doing this ensures that all mail is being sent out an Amazon server that never has the problems such as being on a Blacklist. This relay process ensures all e-mail messages are sent successfully and delivered allowing your business to have one more thing that you don’t have to worry about.

Lastly with this package we offer our Guaranteed 1 Hour Response to any support ticket submitted, as your website has to function 24/7 and can negatively affect your business if there is an outage you can be certain that an Engineer will be in touch with you within 60 minutes from your submission of your ticket. Along with monitoring our priority support tickets we monitor your WordPress site from an external source 24/7/365 and there every happened to be an issue our on-call Engineer will be notified usually within 3-5 minutes of any incident, being proactive with our monitoring and maintenance is very important to us as it helps us provide top notch service for you.



* 1 Hour Response Time is guaranteed during business hours only.